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Demo Consulting Company Inc.

Our process


Alcohol is always a good start. There is not much to say about this project phase, we simply enjoy it - without our clients. Thanks for sponsoring this event.


Usually, we're still drunk during the first meeting with our clients, but to give you a good first impression, we nod a lot and love to say yes to make you happy. But after a certain point, we would prefer if you would consider shutting up. Thanks.


Honestly, we prefer Burger King and McDonalds, but we couldn't find an actual burger, only menu burgers. But this carrot icon gets the job done, so there is no problem I guess.


That's actually the part we enjoy the most. Charging money is fun. This is always going to be a surprise for you.

Our Awesome Team

Alexander Gugel, Senior Software Engineer

Be amazed by his skillz

Twitter: @alexanderGugel Ι GitHub: @alexanderGugel

Alexander Gugel, Senior Designer

He makes everything beautyful

Twitter: @alexanderGugel Ι GitHub: @alexanderGugel

Alexander Gugel, Baby Elephant

An elephant, you know?

Twitter: @alexanderGugel Ι GitHub: @alexanderGugel